Salvage Building Materials

Don’t throw your salvaged doors, concrete slabs or wood away! Sell them to us

Second-hand, recycled or salvage building materials are just the solution to your budget versus quality problem. Our salvage yard in Perth stocks a huge range of second-hand building materials that are on sale from Monday to Saturday. These materials are available at highly competitive prices, and our stock is continuously growing thanks to the GJ Demo salvage yard team. They are constantly on the lookout for quality used building materials that suit your specific needs. Contact us today.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in this particular field affords us the ability to know which materials should and should not be recovered. Unlike some building salvage yards, we do not retain certain types of building rubble as they are not suitable for second-hand use. However, they can be put to use in eco-friendly ways such as a crushed aggregate to be used for demolished concrete. This aggregate can be used in the mixing of new concrete or even as a piling mat for ground stabilisation.

Savage yard items or sale

Before we begin with any commercial or residential demolition project, we salvage all usable building materials on site. This salvaged building material is reconditioned and sold to the public at some of the best prices for demolition materials Perth has to offer. These items include (but are not limited to):

Miscellaneous building materials

Buy used door handles, bathroom taps, electrical switches and locks from our salvage yard situated in Bellevue, Perth.

Used timber

We have a wide range of local and imported used timber available in various lengths at our salvage yard.

Used doors

Our stock of used indoor and outdoor doors includes commercial and residential wood, metal and glass door options.

Used concrete slabs

We stock a number of different size used cement slabs in a wide variety of styles.

Did you know? 

When working on a demolition project we are constantly on the lookout for items worth salvaging. If we find demolition material that can be reconditioned and made available to the general public via our salvage yard, we will reduce the customer’s original demolitions quote accordingly.

Our stock of well-maintained reusable building material is available for sale at the best building material salvage prices.

If you are looking for quality salvage, contact our salvage yard on (08) 9250 2685 today!