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We have a wide variety of second hand doors available.

What you may call “old,” we may call vintage. Elaborate doors can come at a huge cost, depending on what the doors are made of, the detail and design, and the mechanics of the lock. However, second hand doors in Perth, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, are just as elaborate, beautifully designed and fully functional. These are, quite simply put, exactly the same as the new doors, just reconditioned and half the price.

Doors can easily be refurbished and made to look as good as new, making them one of the most salvageable materials. Varnish and a coat of paint can go a long way! The price difference between a brand new door and a second-hand door is quite large, primarily because there is a lot more work involved in building a new door.

Doors are easy to install and also simple to care for and maintain. Doors used in outside settings require a lot more maintenance as they are exposed to the elements.

If the second-hand door you purchased needs a little touch up, follow these quick tips:

  • Sand down the entire door, not just the rough parts
  • For details such as corners, use a metal scraper
  • Brush down the door completely
  • Apply a thin sealing varnish for a neat finish
  • If the door has any glass panels, use window cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe it clean

If your budget is tight, or you’re after an antique style in your home, visit the GJ Demo salvage yard and give our reconditioned second hand doors a brand new home.

Prices do vary so please contact us for a quote or or visit our salvage yard for bargain prices for second hand doors in Perth.