Salvage Yards in Perth, WA

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Looking for quality you can depend on at a price that you can afford? We have just the solution for you. Come and visit our salvage yard in Perth. We are specialists in salvaging solutions. Contact us today.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in this particular field affords us the ability to know which materials should and should not be recovered. Once materials are recovered, we re-sell them at our salvage yard, at cost-effective prices.

Unlike some building salvage yards in WA, we do not retain certain types of building rubble. The reason for this is that they are not fit for second-hand use, but they can be used in other eco-friendly ways such as a crushed aggregate to be used for demolished concrete. This aggregate can be used in the mixing of new concrete or as a piling mat for ground stabilisation.

Before a project is undertaken, an assessment is made and we decide which materials can be saved.

We handle and stock a wide range of materials:

Recycled timber

Our stock of recycled timber is not only a source of quality material for decking, flooring and windows but helps reduce the wastage of timber. We take great pride in making a contribution to a more eco-friendly environment.

Recycled building materials

Our range of recycled building materials offers a budget-friendly avenue for residential and commercial improvement.

Reclaimed bricks

When you buy reclaimed bricks, you are helping reduce the carbon footprint by relying on renewable resources. We work on various demolition projects and make sure to keep any quality items for reuse.

Reused building materials

We keep a vibrant stock of miscellaneous and reused building materials. When you come down to our salvage yard you’ll be sure to find a hidden gem.

Used doors

Whether you’re on the search for exterior or interior doors, we keep a stock of quality used doors for a wide range of applications – you will be sure to find a style that suits you.

Salvaged wood

If you have a keen eye for decor, you will want to browse our selection of salvaged wood. It adds a unique touch wherever it is used, adding both character and warmth.

Plumbing salvage yard

We offer architectural gems including plumbing salvage. Our staff will be more than happy to take you through your options and what best suits your budget.

Salvage windows

Can’t quite put your finger on the type of window you are looking for? We have a range of salvage windows that come in varying styles and finishes that might be exactly what you need. Enquire today.

Salvage lighting for sale

Visit our salvage yard in Perth and enquire about the salvage lighting for sale. We have options that can brighten up any surroundings in a wide array of lighting effects, all at an affordable price.

For detailed information about the types of products that can be rescued and re-sold, make an enquiry today. We are readily available to assist.

Contact us on 08 9250 2685 for professional salvage services. We look forward to being of assistance.